China: Russia / Pacific Rim Imported Logs & Lumber Wood Processing Tour
03 - 09 June 2018


DANA is delighted to be able to offer seats on its 2018 China Industry Tour.


This third event, in June 2018, follows on from very successful “public industry tours” in 2015 and in 2016 to a variety of Chinese provinces, cities, wood processing facilities and ports.


For 2018, we have chosen two very topical locations to visit over a one week period:


- To Manzhouli, the site of massive new primary and secondary add value wood processing plants, which have been built right on the border with Russia to take advantage the very large and growing volumes of Russian logs and lumber (sawn timber) which must be unloaded at the border (as rail gauges are different).


- The rapidly growing western Chinese cities of Chongqing and Chengdu, with their commensurate growth in wood processing operations. Chongqing municipality is already a very large city area in Western terms (with a population of 28 million), but the Chinese government has plans to link together five large cities in the region into several fast train commuter- linked “suburbs”, to create a mega-city of 60 million.


- Most of the tour will be focused on wood and wood business in these three cities, but we are also offering an optional pre-tour visit to the Great Wall of China (near Beijing), the day before the tour starts; and a short but highly fascinating visit to the world famous Chengdu Panda Breeding Reserve at the end of the industry tour, before we fly back to Beijing where the tour ends.


Please note: After organising 10 private client and public tours in industrial sites in china, we realise that it is best for our China based schedule planner, and tour host, Gavin Hao to finalise visit details only a month or so before the event.  Any earlier, and (in the Chinese way) hosts may move on, or change plans.


This also allows us to schedule visits to newly opened or expanded plants up to a month or so before the tour starts.


Gavin Hao has organised almost all of these 10 tours for DANA, and has always been 100% successful in ensuring that the best and most relevant sites are confirmed for our tour visits.



If you have paid the registration deposit and want to pay the balance by credit card, you can do so here.

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