Tour Programme


Monday 21 October 2019

Day From To
6.30am DANA Tour Starts Lobby of Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Hotel
7.30am Bus depart Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Hotel  Haneda Airport
9.15am Depart Haneda Airport (Flight NH 603) Miyazaki Airport
11.00am Flight arrives Miyazaki Airport Bus transfer to Hotel
11.45am Miyazaki Hotel (Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort) Lunch
2.00pm Log centre supplying sugi logs and then to Chogoku Mokuzai Hyuga mill- Laminated Post Plant Visit
3.30pm Hyuga City Miyazaki Hotel
4.45pm Miyazaki Hotel  


Tuesday 22 October 2019

Day From To
8.00am Depart by bus from Miyazaki Hotel Nichinan - Oji Pulpmill
9.00am Oji Renewables Import woodchip yard and woodchipping mill for "Feed in Tariff" (FIT) Biomass mill
11.00am Nichinan Lunch Restaurant
12.00pm Lunch  
1.00pm Depart lunch restaurant by bus Shibushi port
1.15pm Shibushi port Visit Port Operations (sugi log exports to China for top grade uses)
  Time TBA  Visit forest near the port
3.15pm Depart by bus from Shibushi port Miyazaki Hotel
5.15pm Miyazaki Hotel  


Wednesday 23 October 2019

Day From To
9.00am Depart Miyazaki Hotel Miyakonojo
10.00am Toyama Mokuzai big sawmill (lumber) Visit
12.00pm Lunch  
1.00pm Depart from Lunch  Log Centre and to Satsuma Fine Wood
1.15pm Log Centre and to Satsuma Fine Wood (2*4 construction lumber sawmill) Visit
3.15pm Miyakonojo Miyazaki Hotel
4.15pm Arrive Miyazaki Hotel  


Thursday 24 October 2019

Day From To
9.00am Depart Miyazaki Hotel Nichinan City
10.00am Takamine Mokuzai (Decorative Wood Products) Visit mill
12.00pm Lunch  
1.00pm Depart Nichinan City Miyazaki Hotel
2.00pm Miyazaki Hotel Free Time
2.30pm Depart Miyazaki Hotel Miyazaki Airport
3.55pm Depart Miyazaki Airport (Flight NH 610) Haneda Airport 
5.30pm Flight arrives Haneda Airport Transfer by bus to Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside
6.00pm Arrive Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside  Overnight accommodation


Friday 25 October 2019

Day From To
8.00am Depart from Trusty Tokyo Bayside Hotel Kashima Log Import Port (bus)
9.30am Port (import USA D. fir logs) Visit (subject to CM Manager organising)
10.15am Port Huge Chugoku Mokuzai Sawmill Kashima
10.30am Chugoku Mokuzai sawmill Imports 700,000 m3 per year of NA Douglas fir) Visit
12.00pm Lunch  
12.45pm Depart Lunch Restaurant Koshii TMT Kiln Factory
1.00pm Koshii Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) kiln factory Visit
1.45pm Polus-Tec factory at Bando City  
3.15pm Polus -Tec factory (various automatized robotic manufacture of pre-fabricated house components Visit
4.45pm Polus -Tec factory Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
6.30pm Arrive Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba  
  Tour Ends