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General Manager, Pike&Co, Uruguay

Alvaro is an Agronomist Engineer (Forest orientation) from the Republic University in Uruguay. He is a Director of the Uruguayan based forest consulting company Pike Consultora Forestal (Pike&Co.) (www.pike.com.uy) and the climate change consulting company Carbosur (www.carbosur.com.uy). Alvaro is also Partner in AgroIT (www.agroit.com.uy), a leading Uruguayan company that develop mobile device applications focused in the forestry sector.


For several years now, Alvaro has been working and supervising many consulting assignments to forest companies of Uruguay and other countries working for Pike&Co. (www.pike.com.uy). During the last fifteen years, he has supervised the assessment of potential land purchases for various clients for a total of 80,000 ha. He has also supervised the inventory and due diligences of more than 120,000 ha of forests during the last six years. He is in charge of compiling and maintaining Pike Consultora Forestal’s Forest Information System, the most complete set of geographic and database information about forests and forests markets in Uruguay and East/Northeast Argentina. He is also responsible for performing Forest assets management of more than 7000 hectares in different regions of Uruguay.


As Carbosur’s Executive Director (www.carbosur.com.uy) , Alvaro helped in the development of the first approved consolidated methodology for AR (Afforestation/Reforestation) projects worldwide; he has prepared eight projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and twelve AR-projects in Uruguay (one registered under the CDM and eleven in the VCS [Voluntary Carbon Standard] and two within these eleven, were also Validated with the CCB Standard (Climate, Community & Biodiversity). As of today, Alvaro is selling vcu´s (Verified Carbon Units) from different forest projects, selling as of today, more than 10,5 million vcu´s FSC-VCS certified forests in Uruguay.