Conference & Field Trip 
22 & 23 July 2019 


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to another DANA Forest Industry Event this year being held at the Pullman King Georges Square, Brisbane, Australia

"2019 Conference theme is : "Innovations in the Australian Forest Industry Sector"



DANA is very pleased to offer delegates a comprehensive 1 1/2 day,  information filled conference on the Australian forest industry sector in Brisbane, Australia in July.  This will be the 8th event that DANA has held in Australia, and it is fitting that it is being held in Queensland, a state where there is large resource of softwood forests for possible future industry expansion; as well as large resources (in Queensland and nearby northern NSW) of plantation hardwood fibre for paper and biomass uses.  

The conference programme features 20 international and domestic specialists from Queensland and other States, with presentations on several topics of interest to all Australians - and to international investors and wood importers.

Following the conference, a brief but very busy 1/2 day field trip in and around Brisbane.   Seats will be limited so we encourage you to register your participation now.







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