Field Trip
Tuesday March 16 2021
8.45am-8.50amIntroduction - HousekeepingDennis Neilson - Director, DANA (NZ) Ltd, Rotorua, New Zealand
8.50am-9.00amConference Open and WelcomeHer Worship The Mayor of Napier - Kirsten Wise
9.00am-9.30amOverseas Zoom Presentation - Forest Fire Insurance trendsPhil Cottle - Head of Forestry, Forest Re, London, UK
9.30am-10.00amOverseas Zoom Presentation - Russian Forest Industry and Wood Products Export TrendsSvyatoslav Bychkov - Managing Director Communications, Ilim Timber, Russian Federation
10.00am-10.30amOverseas Zoom Presentation - A European perspective on NZ forest investments: Trading or for the long term?Speaker Identified - Awaiting Confirmation
10.30am-11.00amMorning Break
11.00am-11.30amNZ Government Forest Policy: A 2021-23 Report CardHenry Weston - Acting Deputy Director-General, Te Uru Rakau, New Zealand
11.30am-12.00pmThe Pan Pac Strategy: Long Term Japanese investment in the New Zealand communityTony Clifford - CEO, PanPac Forest Products, Napier, New Zealand
12.00pm-12.30pmPort of Napier: The Importance of wood exports to the Company, and Expansion PlansAdam Harvey - General Manager, Marine & Cargo Operations, Port of Napier, New Zealand
1.30pm-2.00pmLegal implications for the Forest Industry of some recent new legislation - policies - events: OIO, Climate Change and Resource ConsentsDavid Raudkivi - Partner, Russell McVeagh & Daniel Minhinnick - Partner, Russell McVeagh, New Zealand
2.30pm-3.00pmOverseas Zoom Presentation - China Demand Trends for Logs and Sawn timber in the next 2-3 yearsGavin Hao - Director, Gingko Consulting, Shanghai , China
3.00pm-3.30pmAfternoon Break
3.30pm-3.45pmSome DANA 2021 China Forest Industry Sector Outlook Review ConclusionsDennis Neilson - Director, DANA (NZ) Ltd, Rotorua, New Zealand
3.45pm-4.15pmA Major Vertically Integrated Forestry Business: A Trans Tasman Case StudyMatt Crapp - Director Operations Australasia, New Forests, Sydney, Australia
4.15pm-4.45pmAustralia: The nirvana for New Zealand sawn timber exports, or does New Zealand have serious competition?John Halkett - CEO, Australia Timber Importers Federation, Sydney, Australia
4.45pm-5.30pmFree Time
5.30pm-7.30pmNetworking Reception - to be held at MTG Hawkes Bay, 1 Tennyson Street, Napier (aprox 5 Minute walk from the Conference Centre)MTG Hawkes Bay, 1 Tennyson Street, Napier

Wednesday March 17 2021
8.20am - 8.30amIntroduction - HousekeepingDennis Neilson - Director, DANA (NZ) Ltd, Rotorua, New Zealand
8.30am - 9.00amOverseas Zoom Presentation - Supply trends of European Spruce logs and sawn timber to export markets: 2021-2025 - Consequences for the world marketsGerd Ebner - LeHolzkurier, Austria
9.00am - 9.20amMajor Issues facing the NZ Forest Owners AssociationPhil Taylor - President, NZ Forest Owners Association
9.20am - 9.40amMajor Issues facing the NZ Farm Foresters AssociationHamish Levack - President, NZ Farm Foresters Association
9.40am-10.00amMajor Issues facing the NZ Forest Industry Contractors AssociationPrue Younger - CEO, NZ Forest Industry Contractors Association
10.00am -10.30amMorning Break
10.30am - 11.00amMajor Issues facing the NZ Wood Processing and Manufacturing Association
11.00am - 11.15amNZ Wood Councils: Their current and future rolesKeith Dolman - Hawkes Bay Wood Council & Grant Dodson - Southern Wood Council
11.15am -11.45amNew wood Products/Processors Panel
11.45am -12.00pmForestry is a man's World?Truedy Taia - CNI Silviculture, Rotorua
12.00pm - 12.15pmThe Future of NZ Forest Industry: The next generation of ManagersAdrian Loo - Forest Manager, Forests for New Zealand
12.15pmConference Ends
12.45pmField Trip Commences